If you feel comfortable sitting in a room without worrying about the surrounding temperature, you are most likely experiencing what is known as thermal comfort. This is a situation which happens when the body is in a state of comfort. When we design HVAC systems, we consider thermal comfort as a primary goal to satisfy our clients.

Thermal comfort plays a vital role in employee productivity. Therefore investing in quality HVAC may help you have the perfect environment for you and your employees.

Achieve Thermal

  • Site plans/visits
  • Collect data
  • Heat Loads
  • Select suitable AC system
  • Evaluate Efficiency
  • Plan AC/ventilation locations
  • Coordinate
  • Plan Duct & Air outlet locations
  • Quality Installation & Supervision
  • Testing & Commissioning

Achieve Thermal: Quality Installation

- Use of Premium Product Range

VRF: Mitsubishi Electric, Midea

Splits: Mitsubishi Electric, Blue star, Hitachi, Midea


Centrifugal fans: NICOTRA

Cabinet/Circular fans: Carryaire

Insulation/Acoustics: K Flex/Arma Flex Class O

Insulation Adhesive: K Flex/Arma Flex LOW VOC products

Copper pipes: Maxflow / Parasmani

Electrical Cables: Polycab / RR

Drain pipes: Prince /Astral

GI Sheets: Jindal

MS Pipes: TATA /Jindal

Valves: Honeywell

Controls: Honeywell/Siemens